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Arch Hellen Med, 25(4), July-August 2008, 463-480


Electromagnetic fields, human health and quality of life: An update

Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, Medical School, University of Athens, Athens, Greece

Human exposure to electromagnetic fields is a part of everyday life in modern societies and there is concern about the possible effects on human health. This review presents the latest epidemiological data on human exposure to the radiofrequencies of mobile phones, mobile phone base-stations and wireless telephones, and their possible effects in the field of public health. The current level of knowledge is not sufficient to support scientifically the hypothesis that such radiofrequencies cause harm to human health, despite evidence in certain fields, specifically, possible evidence for an increased risk of certain types of cancer, which needs further investigation. The continuing evolution of related technology determines the need for ongoing research in this field, as present data cannot guarantee that future technologies will have no impact on human health. Mobile phone use appears to affect public health in other ways, such as increasing the risk of injury and traffic accidents when drivers use mobile phones while driving. In addition, the social effects of the use of mobile phones, especially by children, needs to be discussed.

Key words: Accidents, Base stations, Cancer, Health, Mobile phones, Wireless phones.

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