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Arch Hellen Med, 29(2), March-April 2012, 187-194


Novel therapies for diabetes mellitus

A.K. Papazafiropoulou, M.S. Kardara, S.I. Pappas
Third Department of Internal Medicine and Center of Diabetes, "Aghios Panteleimon" General Hospital of Nikaia, Pireus, Greece

This review paper summarizes currently available data on the development of newer categories of antidiabetic agents, their ways of action and their clinical importance. During recent years significant achievements have been made in this field, including the development of SGLT2 inhibitors and glucokinase activators. The role of the metabolism of free fatty acids and bile acid in the treatment of diabetes mellitus is also reviewed.

Key words: Bile acids, Free fatty acids, Glucokinase activators, SGLT2 inhibitors.

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