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Arch Hellen Med, 29(6), November-December 2012, 731-733


Polypharmacy and the role of Primary Health Care: An interesting case of drug-induced hepatitis

Z. Tsimtsiou, R. Kiparoglou, A. Asimakopoulos, E. Efthymiadou, F. Dantsi
Evosmos Urban Health Center, Thessaloniki, Greece

Older patients have increased frailty and a higher prevalence of chronic diseases, leading to a potential increase in medication use and consequently in drug-related problems. The case is presented of a 71 year-old female who was taking 11 different drugs for 6 chronic diseases, for which she was sending her relatives to have prescriptions written, with no regular monitoring by a general practitioner. A regular checkup requested by the physician who was asked to prescribe her drugs revealed drug-induced hepatitis. In this context, the major role played by general practitioners in reducing medication errors and increasing patient safety is discussed.

Key words: Drug-induced hepatitis, Polypharmacy, Primary Health Care.

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