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Arch Hellen Med, 32(1), January-February 2015, 36-44


Investigation of anxiety and depression among individuals addicted to substances

Κ. Τhanopoulou,1 Ε. Kaba,2 Μ. Tsironi,1 S. Tziaferi,1 S. Papapetrou,1 V. Alikari,1 S. Zyga1
1Department of Nursing, Faculty of Human Movement and Quality of Life Sciences, University of the Peloponnese, Sparti,
2Department of Nursing, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Athens, Greece

OBJECTIVE Investigation of the levels of anxiety and depression among individuals addicted to substances who requested help from a Mental Health Rehabilitation Program.

METHOD To conduct this study quantitative methodology was considered appropriate. The study sample consisted of 79 individuals addicted to substances, who completed an anonymous, self-administered questionnaire recording the sociodemographic data and Spielberger's Anxiety Scale and Beck's Depression Scale.

RESULTS Inductive analysis revealed statistically significant variations in stress and depression of the subjects in relation to gender, age, family situation and in particular the stage of treatment.

CONCLUSIONS It is apparent that a Mental Health Rehabilitation Program for addicts should meet the demands of substance-dependent individuals for treatment of both anxiety and depression.

Key words: Co-morbidity, Dependence, Substance abuse, Therapeutic community, Treatment of addiction.

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