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Arch Hellen Med, 32(3), May-June 2015, 344-353


Pharmaceutical marketing and promotion in Greece

A. Mourtzikou,1,2 M. Stamouli,3 P. Hitou,4 A. Pouliakis2
1Department of Cytopathology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Medicine, "Attikon" University General Hospital, Haidari,
2Laboratory of Biochemistry, "Asklepeion" General Hospital, Voula,
3Laboratory of Biochemistry-Biopathology, Naval Hospital of Athens, Athens,

The production and distribution of pharmaceutical products is one of the most dynamic sectors of Greek industry. The provision of pharmaceutical products in Greece is determined by the pharmaceutical companies of the sector with the supply chain between the company (production and trade) and the storage, handling and distribution of drugs to the public. Drugs follow the course: Pharmaceutical company – pharmaceutical wholesaler – pharmacy. The promotion of drugs in Greece follows the laws of marketing. The Association of Pharmaceutical Companies and the National Drugs Organization attempt to clarify the "grey areas" in the promotion of prescribed medicines by developing a specific Code of Ethics which sets strict rules covering the activities of member companies and by circulating principles based on a public consultation framework. Pharmaceutical marketing is currently facing new challenges, while increasing restrictions will lead to the generation of new ideas and approaches to the promotion of pharmaceuticals that will provide inspiration for other marketing fields.

Key words: Drugs, Drug marketing, Drug promotion, Market, National Drugs Organization.

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