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Arch Hellen Med, 33(1), January-February 2016, 93-97


The military hospital of Candia

N. Stavrakakis
"Venizelio-Pananio" General Hospital, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

In the late 16th century, in the Kingdom of Candia (present day Heraklion), a military hospital was founded within the health policy framework of the Republic of Venice. Until that time, the nursing and care of patients was provided mainly in monasteries. The military hospital in Candia soon became a health unit in the modern sense. Only officers and mercenaries were accepted. A set of rules was established by the Venetian officials to ensure the continuity of operation of the hospital. The hospital, as a public and charitable institution, was funded by the government and its foundation was characterized as innovative because of its continuous scientific services to soldiers. A great deal of consideration was devoted to the effectiveness of the hospital staff and to the obligations of the patients according to the charter of operation. The duties of the staff were set down in detail, as were the patients' obligations and rights. Any violation carried a penalty, which could even be one that would deprive the offender of any future hospital care. The institution provided its services until the fall of Candia to the Turks in September 1669.

Key words: Medieval medicine, Military hospital, Venetian Heraklion.

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