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Arch Hellen Med, 34(1), January-February 2017, 123-126


Medication administration in hospital: Difficulties and errors

K. Kallianidou,1 M. Kiakou,2 N. Tsoukalas2
1Emergency Department, "AHEPA" University General Hospital, Thessaloniki,
2Department of Medical Oncology, 401 General Military Hospital, Athens, Greece

Contemporary medical services are multi-dimensional and involve diverse interactions between patients and medical professionals. Every instance of care, diagnostic procedure and treatment administration presents the possibility of error. Errors inevitably occur in hospitals, the majority of which are related to medication. These errors create ethical, scientific, legal and practical issues. Nurses, who are in immediate contact with the patients, are involved in the majority of errors related to the administration of medicines. This is a review of the basic common pathways involved in medication errors, and the factors that contribute to their occurrence.

Key words: Health quality services, Medication error, Patient safety.

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