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Arch Hellen Med, 34(2), March-April 2017, 267-274


The cost and management of conservative restorations in the dental office:
What the Greek dentist needs to know

M. ╬Ĺntoniadou, A. Theodoropoulou, I. ╬Ązoutzas
Department of Operative Dentistry, Dental School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece

The deterioration of the economic situation in Greece has produced changes in the everyday routine of dentists and the type of dental services required by patients. The reduction in the frequency of visits to the dentist, and the patients' choice of treatment for emergencies and application of the most economic therapeutic approach have created the need for evaluation of the cost of each dental procedure. This costing process is also important in the framework of a general redevelopment of the system of administration and management of modern Greek dentistry. Currently the most common dental clinical procedures in Greece are direct conservative restorations. These include the direct conservative amalgam and composite resin restorations in both anterior and posterior teeth, and post and core restorations, which are accomplished in only one or two dental appointments. In this article, the mean cost of these restorations is calculated and the procedures are described in order to present all the necessary information about the costing. According to this information, modern Greek dentists can justify and readjust their billing practices. The exploitation of these data can lead to more effective control of expenses in the private Greek dental sector.

Key words: Administration of dental office, Billing of dental practices, Cost accounting, Cost of dental materials, Management.

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