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Arch Hellen Med, 33(6), November-December 2016, 820-825


Assessment of osteoporosis as a latent public health priority for oncological patients

E. Papadopoulou,1 P. Xenophontos,1 P. Manolopoulos,2 G. Lavranos1,2
1Department of Health Sciences, European University Cyprus, Egkomi, Nicosia,
2School of Medicine, European University Cyprus, Egkomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

OBJECTIVE Study of the emergence of bone pathology as a latent health need in the population of cancer patients in Cyprus.

METHOD A pilot quantitative cross-sectional study was conducted with a casual sample of 107 oncological patients from the service of the Cyprus Anticancer Society nursing home and the Oncology Day Care Center of the Bank of Cyprus.

RESULTS A higher proportion of women had not undergone bone density testing, and women run a greater risk of fracture. The women had an average bone density of 13.04 (TA=12.3) and men 13.04 (TA=12.53).

CONCLUSIONS Health professionals play a critical role in the identification of patients with cancer who are at risk of bone loss. Reduction of the risk factors and prevention of fractures have a huge impact on the quality of life of these patients.

Key words: Bone health, Cyprus, Oncology patients.

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