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Arch Hellen Med, 37(Supplement 2), 2020, 104-107


Urine colour variation in internal diseases according to Enrico Cauchi

V. Savica,1,2 G. Duro,1 G. Bellinghieri2
1National Research Council (CNR), Institute for Research and Biomedical Innovation (IRIB), Palermo
2Academia Peloritana dei Pericolanti at University of Messina, Messina, Italy

In ancient times, urine was considered an important element for both religious tradition and for diagnostic procedures. Over time, several researchers reported on how urine variation may help in diagnosing different diseases. In 1933, Enrico Cauchi, member of the Medical Council of Malta, collected all comprehensively organised information in his book "Fisiologia e Patologia dell' urina", edited by A. Wasserman, Milano, Italy. Following the suggestions of "Urological Curves" by Augusto Murri, Enrico Cauchi reported all different data at that time about urine colour variation.

Key words: Augusto Murri, Enrico Cauchi, Tuberculosis, Urine colour variation, Urological curves.

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