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Arch Hellen Med, 33(6), November-December 2016, 831-833


A massive cystic splenic infarct in a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Appearance on contrast-enhanced sonography

N.G. Vallianou,1 E. Geladari,1 K. Trigkidis,1 T. Vagdatlis,2 E. Kokkinakis,1 E. Antypa2
1First Department of Internal Medicine, "Evaggelismos" General Hospital, Athens
2Department of Radiology, "Evaggelismos" General Hospital, Athens, Greece

Massive splenic infarct, which is a rare clinical entity, is due to compromised blood flow in the spleen and occurs especially in the event of coagulopathy, hematological malignancy, endocarditis or other sources of embolization. The case is presented of a massive cystic splenic infarct in a patient with chronic lymphatic leukemia, in order to describe its contrast-enhanced sonographic features. Ultrasonography (US) confirmed the presence of a lesion measuring 13.5×10.6 cm, without the characteristics of a plain cyst, as it was hypoechoic but had well-defined borders within which there was amorphous material. The Doppler appearance showed no vascularization. After intravenous administration of contrast medium, the splenic parenchyma was enhanced in a homogenous manner, but the lesion remained as on the original US, with no enhancement at any phase.

Key words: Contrast-enhanced appearance, Massive splenic infarct, Ultrasonography.

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